Emi, Emilia, Emily, Amelia y otras yerbas

Diferentes definiciones de mi nombre. Me pareció lo mas curioso del mundo ya que se trata de un diccionario en el que las personas definen a partir de experiencias.

"Define your world", catchy isn't it?

Acá algunas


1. A name of an imaginary girlfriend that guys use to boost their confidence after a major breakup, and to make the girl that broke their heart jealous.

2. Unusual female name that sounds just like 'Amelia', and therefore is forever misspelled.

3. Character in Shakespeare's play, Othello. Is excellent for essays because near the end of the play, she gives a vaguely feministic speech that can be interpreted as something of great importance.


1. She is very very very very cool

2. A different spelling of the name Emmy or Emmi or Emmie or Emy. Often short for a girl named Emily. The name Emi in Japanese translates to beauty. A girl named Emi is often outgoing, short, and kind. General characteristics also include engaging in laughter, dry humor, and enjoying long walks.

3. A large group or 'herd' of Emo people. The plural form of Emo.

4. A woman who is to hot for you and way out of your league but she goes out with you just to get some dick because she will fuck anything.


1. Slang term for a highly attractive and sexually intriguing individual.

2. The mos beautiful person in the world. Often referred to as a Goddess. Has eyes that one can easily get lost in. A great friend that cares about people and makes the world a better place. Easy to love too.

3. The most beautiful girl in the world. She completes me in every way possible and makes even the most horrible things tolerable just by being with me. She is a girl i can see myself with in 20 years and still having fun with and discovering new things with. When i look into her eyes i get lost but i dont mind the least bit. Her smile could stop a man right in his tracks and make him see the beauty in the world. Her laugh makes the worst of days seem so much better. I can talk to her for hours and never get the least bit bored. The greatest times I've ever had in my life involve her and i just cant imagine life without her. In short shes my soulmate and she doesent even know it.

4. The cutest girl you can ever meet. Most emily's have the most beautiful eyes which if stared in to long you may lose track of time. They also have the nicest body and the cutest smile. Emily's are the cutest most beautiful girls you may ever get to know. If you know an emily then you are considered lucky they will never leave you and is always there for you and you can trust them no matter what. If you date an emily never let them go, they will be your best friend for life no matter what through thick or thin.

5. If you were this girl you wouldn't want to be anyone else, because you would be the most attractive girl to walk the streets. Spending one day with her would not be enough, she is such a nice person she makes Princess Diana look like Hitler. Plus she's well into Bristo.

Demasiado ego.

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  1. Te agrego la rubia mas linda que visto. Espero que no te suba mucho el ego, y si así pasa... que bueno nena...